Steezy Grizzlies - G U N D A M

About 2 weeks ago, DC MC Steezy Grizzlies and I were having a conversation about his music. After expressing my opinions, Steezy said to me that his next album G U N D A M would change my mind. Today, G U N D A M dropped, and I heard a different rapper than I had heard previously. Steezy has made huge strides as an MC, on G U N D A M he sounds way more comfortable, his mic presence is excellent, and this makes his music sound almost completely different, in a good, refreshing way. Featuring production from rMell, Plue Starfox and Jaylen!, G U N D A M impressed me. Shouts out to the young coon, and give this joint a listen.

- Dave aka Trap Basquiat

Being that this tape is titled G U N D A M, I had to step in to throw my two cents because I DO NOT PLAY when it comes to the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. Lately, I’ve been getting plenty pissed off at rappers exploiting Anime for no reason. In this case, the title G U N D A M is more of a metaphor of Grizzlies’ progression, illustrated through an audio clip from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series in the album intro. That’s about it. At least an effort was made. From my personal listening of Steezy’s material from the past few months, he ends up hit or miss to me for the most part. The kid has a confident delivery; you can tell he’s enjoying the music with every bar. There’s nothing really deep or substantial being said here (which isn’t a bad thing when done right), just a guy with a loud but cool demeanor kicking game. The biggest weaknesses in this project occur when Steezy attempts to spazz on tracks; leading to some flat punchlines and an aggravatingly forced delivery which can be a struggle to listen to since his voice hits some high pitches already. He truly shines and reaches potential when he’s not doing too much lyrically and lets the style carry him. While not a project I would keep in rotation in it’s entirety, I highly recommend what I feel are the standout tracks below. Definitely some of Steezy’s best work.

Highlights:Wille BLCK”, “G O H [Simp Song]”, “L A V I $ H”, “ZestGameFLAWLESS”, “L A V I $ H (C&S)

- Mark II

Download G U N D A M

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